Oleh: Ida Raihan | 27 Juli 2012

Muslimahs Hong Kong And Their Struggle

Oleh: Ida Raihan

From a distance of approximately 10 meters, a serene recitation of the Qur’an could be heard softly. A bunch of Muslimahs with bowed heads reverently scrutinized the surah Yasin that were in front of everybody. On their right was another bunch of people who were enjoying their time chatting about God-knows-what. What could be heard sometimes was an uncontrolled laughter. 

Meanwhile, on their left side, a bunch of women were noisy while shaking a dice inside a can, producing a loud noise which was never subject to complaints. Besides them was also another group who were enjoying a game of playing cards. Each one of them was looking at the cards in their hands, thinking calmly without any sound.

In the background, in a distance of about five meters from the Muslimahs earlier, some local people were doing tai chi(movements like the self-defense but are moved in a slow motion). Music could be heard coming out from the sound system.

Still in a distance that was not very far, from another side, people who named themselves as the followers of Christ were also conducting a religious service. Now and again, not a few of them were approaching the Muslimahs who were either walking or just sitting alone, to tell them about the greatness of God in their own way. Regardless of whether the people they approached were wearing jilbab or not. They were still enthusiastic in informing about “the good news from their savior.”


“Heyyy… Could you all not make any noise (translation from Cantonese)?” yelled a guy with blue pants, white shirt and necktie.

“Okay, Uncle.” One of the Muslimahs representing the group replied. Soon the recitation of the Qur’an was stopped.

“All the people around here complained about your noise!” He continued in an uneasy tone of voice.

“Okay Uncle, we will lower down the voice.” One of the Muslimahs replied again while indicating to the others to lower down their voices. The middle aged guy who takes care of the park called Lai Chi Kok Park departed, while still grumbling and with a dark face full of resentments.

They were the Mujahidahs. They chose to be in the park not because they did not have a proper place where they could study together, but it was more due to their objective of carrying out da’wah in an extensive way. So it was decided that they should invite friends who have free times and be in the park to spend their spare times with useful activities. And Subhanallah, many were touched by the activities of these Muslimahs that they were even joining them there. Not a few Caucasian or local people were asking them about Islam. This was definitely a chance to do da’wah for Islam. Informing those people who still have not known much about Islam.

However, discriminations came from the parties who dislike them such as the man who was the caretaker of the park. Whereas, even when there were policemen passing by, they did not even say anything. A question arises here, if his reason was the noise, then why was the uncontrolled laughter of the people which was louder than the sound made by the Muslimahs not reproved? If his reason was the noise, then why were the “sheeps” of Jesus who were even noisier with their guitar and hand clappings not asked to reduce their volume?

“Be patient O Ukhti, this is what’s called da’wah. It is nothing compared to the struggle of Rasulullah in the past.” In the end, that was all what could be sighed by those Mujahidahs. Still persistent in trying to voice out His verses of love every Sunday morning and other Islamic activities when noon arrives. Even though obstacles continually arise, they are still istiqomah in conducting it purely for the sake of attaining His pleasure…

Ida Raihan
Cheung Sha Wan – Hongkong,
Friday, 8th January 2010

Merekam Jejak, biar Tidak hilang. Tulisan lama…


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